How to get there

Blackstone Edge Gathering

Getting there and back again
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You can get to Blackstone Edge on foot, by car, by bus, or by train and bus or taxi.  These will get you to the White House pub on the A58.  From there to the point where we gather, you have to walk.  Here’s the walking route.

The grid reference for Blackstone Edge (summit) is SD 972164. It rises to 472 metres (about 1500 feet) above sea-level.   We’ll gather under the “cliffs” at the end of the ridge nearest to the main road.   Not at the summit. The grid reference for the gathering place is:
SD 972166.

The nearest paved road is the A58 (Halifax – Littleborough). The point to leave it, to walk up to the Edge, is at grid reference SD 968178, just below the White House pub. The walk from here to where we’ll gather is about 1 mile.  Initially, follow the Pennine Way, which is signed on the other side of the main road to the car park and pub, just opposite the car park.   A group will walk up from the car park at about 12.00.

Singing and any other activities offered will happen at the gathering place below the “cliffs”.

You need warm clothes, strong shoes and waterproofs, even if the weather is warm and sunny when you set off.  There’s no shelter on Blackstone Edge.  Bring something to drink and eat, sun hat and sun-cream (you never know!)

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