10 years on and we’re still gathering.  This year the elements were at their kindest: no rain, little wind, bright blue skies and lots of sunshine.  There were about 40 of us.

The poet Ian Parks and his songwriting partner MIck Jenkinson entertained us with their new song For Liberty and the Charter and a selection of others telling stories of Levellers, Chartists and the Pilgrim Fathers.  Here are the lyrics of their first song and information about the others.

Thanks to Ian and Mick, to Moira Hill who once again led the “mass” singing for us, and to all who turned up, not just to enjoy the unusual sunshine, but to remember those who gathered on Blackstone Edge in the 1800s to support Ernest Jones and other Chartist leaders fighting for a better deal for working people.

Some photos and clips below.



A related event at the Working Class Movement Library in Salford
Chartism drop-in day
On Saturday 7 April WCML hosted a drop-in day on the theme of Chartism, with a focus on honorary Mancunian Ernest Jones.

They said:  “As part of our Voting for Change project with the People’s History Museum, you can come and see some of the exciting newly acquired objects that help both organisations better tell the history of the fight for the vote.  The focus will be Chartism and its demands for political reform – and one of the movement’s later leaders, the lawyer and poet Ernest Jones.”

Photos and video clips

Here are some visual records of the day,  provided by Ian Vickridge, David Hedley and Gwyneth Morgan.  More on their way, we hope!

IMG-3028 IMG-3027 IMG-3023 IMG-3021 IMG-3018 IMG-3015


remembering the Chartists