This was our 10th consecutive annual gathering.  A quick head-count while we were singing showed 46 people. We were mostly from Yorkshire and Lancashire, but two of our number were visitors from Spain.  Bienvenido!

The weather was a huge improvement on last year: very windy, but dry.  The wind was coming from behind the ridge, so , at our gathering place in front of the craggs, we were nicely sheltered.

A special feature this year was Ian Parks reading his poem Elegy for the Chartist Poets, which he has dedicated to Ray Hearne. This is from a new collection of  Ian’s poems, due to be published later this year.  He says, “I did my PhD on Chartist poetry with Raphael Samuel so have an abiding interest in and passion for the movement.”   Ian’s forthcoming collection is called Citizens and will be published by Smokestack Books.

Our thanks again to Moira Hill for leading the singing and to all who scrambled up the hill to join the throng.

Photos are from Geoff Brown, Ruth Charlton, Bob Sproule, Dave Hedley, Gwyneth Morgan.  And Katrina Navickas has sent a video clip of us singing On Blackstone Edge.  Many thanks to all!

20170430_121032 2017.04.30 Blackstone Edge Ian Parks 2 20170430_132037 20170430_135611 20170430_135043 20170430_130852

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remembering the Chartists