Shortest walking route

Short walk to the gathering place

You can get to Blackstone Edge, as far as the A58 road, on foot, by bike, by car, by bus, or by a combination of train and bus (or taxi).  Road transport will get you to a car park near the White House pub on the A58.  From there to the point where we gather, you have to walk.

The shortest walking route from the carpark (below the White House) to the gathering place is as follows. Allow at least 30 mins. This is also the way with the least steep gradients.  Here’s the route:

Cross the main road from the carpark and follow the signed Pennine Way.

Turn right at the top of the incline and follow the track along the drain (keeping the drain/ditch on your left) until you get to the junction with the so-called Roman road, coming up from the main road on your right.

At this point the Pennine Way turns left, following the “Roman” road uphill.

Don’t go there!

Instead, keep straight on, through a gate, keeping the drain/ditch on your left.

Follow this until the concrete/stone lining of the drain stops.

At this point, cross the drain and head uphill to the foot of the “cliffs” where we’ll gather.

Please note that we now gather under these “cliffs”, at the end of the ridge nearest to the main road, not under the trig point .  The grid reference for the gathering place is: SD972166.

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