Blackstone Edge Gathering

remembering the Chartists

Blackstone Edge Gathering and the People’s Charter

The 2017 gathering was on Sunday 30th April.  The next one is expected to be on Sunday 6th May 2018.  Come and join us!  All are welcome.   No charge, no booking needed.  We walk up to the rocky outcrop on Blackstone Edge, picnic and sing to remember the great Chartist gathering there in 1846.  Then we repair to the pub.

“We” are a gathering of choirs, individuals and small groups.  We sing Chartist and other songs; sometimes people read poems or speak about the Chartists.   You can join in the singing or just listen.  If you have a flag or banner for your choir/group, please bring it with you.

If you would like to speak at the gathering, or contribute a song or reading, or if you are willing to lead a walk up to Blackstone Edge from one of the valley towns or railway stations, please contact

Gwyneth Morgan at:

remembering the Chartists